Healthcare Consulting

Our solutions

HCE solutions help hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, physicians, and health systems address the unique needs and situations of their organizations. Our team of healthcare professionals helps companies become financially resilient and grow.

Financial sustainability

It is more important than ever to take a more proactive approach to improving and maintaining the financial health and outlook of your organization.  Our team helps organizations identify pain points within their organization and implement initiatives that help reduce costs and improve reimbursement and revenue streams.

Reimbursement strategies

Reimbursement rules and regulations are continuously changing, making reimbursement opportunities even more difficult to identify and claim. Our team of reimbursement specialists can help companies of all sizes compile, prepare and review their annual cost reports. In addition to helping properly submit these reports, we also take a strategic perspective and help providers understand new/updated regulations, waivers, exemptions, and opportunities that will increase their reimbursements.

Revenue cycle optimization

Healthcare leaders need to be able to identify opportunities for improving the financial performance of their organization.  Our team uses innovative analytics to evaluate your organization’s baseline performance, identify gaps in current operations and processes, and develop a plan to improve and transform your revenue cycle operations.

Value-based contracting and program development

Organizations are facing lasting challenges as the industry continues to transition from a fee-for-service (FFS) model of care to value-based care (VBC) arrangements.  We are able to help providers better understand VBC arrangements by conducting analysis and identifying gaps and determining VBC readiness. In addition to conducting VBC readiness assessments, our team helps healthcare providers design their VBC programs, implement new and enhanced current programs, and monitor programs after implementation to make sure hospitals stay on track optimizing their VBC arrangements.

Managed care and physician contracting

Organizations face an array of challenges when negotiating fair reimbursement rates with health plans and managed care organizations (MCOs).  We assist healthcare providers with their managed care and physician contracting strategies. We help organizations understand market trends, perform pricing benchmarks, negotiate reimbursement rates, forecast revenue, and develop managed care agreement language within contracts.

Market assessments and research

Healthcare providers should be analyzing the entire array of services they offer to the community as well as changes in consumer preferences and care delivery models. We can help organizaiotns systems conduct market assessments and research to better understand service line profitability and recommend potential operating model changes.

Strategic planning

There is a wide range of elements that can affect the long- and short-term plans and direction of your organization.  We can assist organizations of all sizes react to significant business disruptions through our robust scenario planning process, including building flexible, multi-year financial models.

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